Exhibition at UK Parobrod

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Linnch it - Exhibition at UK Parobrod

Mix of dark, white and cardboard stationery items

I was invited for a solo show at UK Parobrod. At the moment i was developing serie of black and white drawings called “Herertiks”, so i thought i could represent those new works alongside with black and white drawings on paper i did before, between projects of D-Bend design studio and organizing Festival Sinesetezija. Both Heretiks and other black n white drawings were dark escape from my commercial (sweet) illustration i did at that time a lot, so i decided to put all in book that would represent my rudimentary and minimal black n white style.

Heretiks illustration serie is about people and ideas that were a lot ahead of the time hose ideas were born in. So contrasts to unenlightened and those who saw “truth” by them self was interesting thing to put together. All drawings are made on white paper, drawn direktly with fine liners, without sketching before.

Interview on Designed.rs

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